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Old is New, New is Old!!

The Past Becomes New Again On Saturday 25 November from 7:30pm – 9pm, come down to the Narrandera Parkside Cottage Museum for a celebration of Narrandera stories and storytellers, both past and present.

Eve Webb participating in Diane Busuttil’s workshop at the Parkside Cottage Museum. Photo: Vic McEwan

‘Old is New, New is Old’ is an event hosted by the Narrandera Parkside Cottage Museum and the Cad Factory that brings a fresh, contemporary look at the objects in the museum collection. Narrandera Parkside Cottage Museum volunteer Barbara Bryon said, “Over the past few years, our committee has been working hard to revamp the museum collection and become familiar with the stories of the items on display. We have set about to revitalise the collection so people can see our accepted stories through fresh eyes.”

Diane Busuttil, Sunita Bala, Steve Wicker, Sarah Penicka-Smith, Emily Cullen and Vic McEwan.

Join artists Diane Busuttil, Nick Wishart, Sarah Penicka-Smith and Sunita Bala as they share new artworks inspired by objects in the museum made in collaboration with Narrandera artists and community members. With One Voice Riverina debuting a new, original song, as well as artist talks and DJ Lay-da-Best.

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