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Creative Caring brings dance classes within reach of all people with chronic movement restrictions, with a focus on community building for people with with Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

Dance is a unique vehicle that naturally combines multiple approaches to foster exercise, confidence building and an improved quality of life.

Dance For Seniors/over 55s

The senior dance courses focus on fun, involvement in group activity and an
exploration of one’s creative side. The physical attributes to this course highlight group
engagement, improve stability, coordination, rhythmical ability and overall joy of
dance and movement.

Participants always leave my classes feeling empowered and confident.

The course encourages like-minded people to participate in a social activity that
is both fun and good for their health and well-being. Dance enables people to interact with
community members which is a vital social tool to curb isolation; one of the main issues for the seniors, particularly those who live alone.

Currently, Creative Caring's public dance theatre sessions are hosted by the Creative Learning Centre at the Sydney Opera House titled, SPRING FOR SENIORS.

Please go to the "latest news" page for updated information

Seated Dance Classes and
Dance for Dementia

For people living with dementia or other cognitive issues, rigorous dance classes led by trained professional teaching artists are becoming internationally acknowledged as an important, beneficial, and welcome addition to the portfolio of recognized, movement-based therapeutic interventions that are supported by published research. By approaching movement as dance participants, not as patients, all people with mobility and cognitive concerns enjoy the benefits of dance such as mobility, balance, rhythm, and flexibility in an enjoyable, social, and communal environment.

Creative Caring travels across the Sydney metropolitan area each week delivering regular dance sessions to various aged care facilities. The most recognized providers enjoy the regular creative challenges Diane offers with love and care to each person she engages with.

Get in touch if you would like Creative Caring's service in your aged care facility.

Moving with Memories
(Silent Disco)

Dance sessions for people experiencing various stages of dementia. This class is conducted in a relaxed and open environment using music as the main stimulus for movement motivation.

Participants wear headphones and dance freely to music specifically chosen to stimulate memories from the participants. They will come alive to the music that was a big part of their earlier years when dancing was their regular recreational activity.

Intergenerational dance Workshop
(for seniors and children)

An Intergenerational Dance Workshop is centered around the simple idea that old and young can bring new energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm to each others’ lives.

It is no secret that dance has a powerful effect on us both physically &  psychologically.
This specialized workshop creates a safe space for juniors and seniors to interact with each other through dance-based activities and play.

It engaged the hearts of both groups with a shared love of dance through physical and social interaction. Hearts light up as the sense of joy and abandonment takes over the room.

Special Events

Speak to us about your specific needs around special occasions such as Seniors Week, Christmas, Easter, New Year, Anzac Day, Australia Day, Grandparents Day, Valentines Day, Anniversaries and other significant Cultural Days.

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