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Founder + CEO

Diane Busuttil

Diane Busuttil

Diane Busuttil is a dance artist, educator, and filmmaker whose work is recognized in Australia and internationally.  She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance from The University of Western Sydney, and a Masters Research Degree from Macquarie University, Sydney. She has worked as an independent curator, choreographer, and performer for many years throughout Australia, Europe, and Asia. In Australia, In 2000, after studying BODY at the International Women’s University in Germany, she relocated to Berlin and toured major dance and theatre festivals in Germany, Asia, USA, and Europe with various leading dance and theatre companies. In Australia, she has collaborated with Rosalind Crisp, Igneous Inc, Circus Monoxide, and The Farm. 


She believes in fostering an ongoing discussion and debate about the arts and its importance to cultural life and community, as well as inspiring creativity and a more expansive sense of what our lives can be. As an artist, she is drawn, on a philosophical to working with mixed mediums, such as music, theatre, visual arts, and digital technology.


In 2018 she initiated Creative Caring which uses dance and theatre programs that focus on the union of arts and health to remedy personal and social ills. Creative Caring dance and theatre programs benefit the community and increase physical and mental health through inclusive social engagement and creative explorations. These collaborative community programs are regularly delivered to various aged care facilities across Sydney, including dementia support units. I currently run a monthly program for over 55s at the the Sydney Opera House called Spring for Seniors and have been working on collaborative socially engaged projects with The CAD Factory since 2022.


Meet the Creative Caring Team

Creative Caring comprises a group of dynamic artists and practitioners specializing in dance and music interventions that bring healthy aging to your aged care home, dementia support unit, and/or community event.

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