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Fishy Tales - a site-specific show by Diane Busuttil & Vashti Hughes

Fishy Tales event runs: Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 May, 2pm and 4pm each day

Fishy Stories from Italian Migrants around Iron Cove in Lilyfield, by Vashti Hughes & Diane Busuttil brings together local artists to celebrate the history of the Italian migrant community through pop-up performances relating to waters and fishing. Focusing on their stories about protecting the environment and biodiversity of the GreenWay, a performance piece delivered in a piazza-style atmosphere will impart knowledge regarding conversation to future generations.

Vashti Hughes is a Sydney writer /performer producer with a strong background in theatre. Diane Busuttil is a dance artist, choreographer and story teller. Fishy Tales project is an engagement with local Italian migrant community of the local area to discover their stories and share them with audiences. Vashti and Diane combine their dance and theatre experience and expertise to bring these stories to life with an exciting team of artists including visual artist Jennifer Reid, costume designer Aspasia Leonarder, dancers Renata Commisso and Ryuichi Fujimura.


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